Are your products safe for babies?

Yes! All of our handmade baby items (teething rings, pram toys, dummy chains and play gym toys) have been independently safety tested to ensure they meet Australian Toy Standards (AS/NZS 8124.) This means that a lot of time and money is spent sending products away to a certified lab that runs independent from our business for strenuous testing against current standards to ensure that they are safe for your mini. You should be aware that this is not mandatory. While it is mandatory that all products of this nature comply with the standards, it is not mandatory to have them tested to that effect before sale. We are serious about safety here at pj & riley and this is why we have made sure that our products are as safe as possible for use by the most precious people in your lives. 

With this in mind, this does not mean our products are indestructible and nor do we claim them to be. Our products are designed for their purpose - nothing more and are only tested for their intended purpose against what is considered to be reasonable abuse by a child up to the age of 36 months as outlined in the safety standards. 

Each of our products come with care and safety instructions and we strongly advise that you keep these somewhere safe and refer back to them regularly. 

How long do your handmade products last?

We advise replacing teethers and dummy chains after between 4 - 6 months of use, 6 being the absolute maximum or when you begin to see signs of wear and/or tear, whichever comes first. 

Is your beechwood treated?

No, our beechwood is natural and raw and sourced from reputable suppliers here in Australia. We have chosen not to treat the beechwood with any oil to reduce the risk of your babe coming into contact with an unknown allergen. If you would like to keep your beechwood rings and beads protected and looking fresh, you can absolutely treat them yourself at home with a little olive or coconut oil. 

To do this, use a clean, unused cloth to rub a little of your chosen oil into the wood grain of your rings and/or beads. It’s that simple! 

How do I clean my product? 

To clean your teether, dummy chain, pram garland or play gym toys we recommend using nothing but a clean, unused cloth and some warm water. Simply wipe over your product a damp cloth and lay flat to dry completely before use. Do not soak your product or use in the dishwasher. Do not use any chemicals, detergents or essential oils to clean your product. If you are out and about and need to clean your product, simply give it a wipe over with an unscented baby wipe. 

Each product will come with individual care instructions as well important safety information and we highly recommend that you keep this somewhere easily accessible and refer back to regularly. 

Do the play gym toys come with the frame?

No, as stated in the product listings for the play gym TOYS, the frame is NOT included. Our play gym toys (set of three) are the toys only. Please ensure you are reading our product listings in full before purchasing to avoid confusion and/or disappointment. 

Our toys will fit most other play gym frames, including the Kmart frame (for this you will need select a hook attachment). We've included the approximate measurements of our toys in our listings so that you can ensure they will be a great fit!