From Babies to Business

From Babies to Business

Wondering how pj & riley came to be? There really is no magical story of a dream turned real life - the truth is, pj & riley is the product of a bored mother of 2 desperate for something to fill her down time other than the copious amounts of Grey’s Anatomy and chocolate binge sessions that were becoming an embarrassing daily ritual.

My amazingly supportive, hardworking partner told me time and time again “You need a hobby!” - “A hobby?” I scoffed. The only hobby I thought that I had time for was the television but even that was wearing thin - about halfway through my 6th (yes, you read that correctly) time of watching all the Grey’s Anatomy seasons back to back. 

After taking a step back and evaluating what it was that I really wanted to do - pj & riley was born. Inspired by my two gorgeous minis, Patrick and Riley - who turned me into a supporter of so many small businesses myself.

I've always had a little 'creative flair' and I wanted to create a home for items that were both practical and aesthetically pleasing while still providing your babe with the important stimulation that they need to grow. If you're like me and you like things to look a certain way in your home then you've come to the right place. Our handmade items are made with modern timelessness in mind and the brands that we've chosen to compliment our own range very much align with this. 

Each and every item in our little store, has been designed and created with so much love and care knowing that both you and your little ones will love our products just as much as much as we do! When you support our small business, you’re supporting our family and for that - we thank you endlessly. 

 pj & riley